Our Favorite Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Having worked in finance and sales for seven years, I have no problem talking about money, but I’ve found that generally, people (like Ellie) get anxious when the topic comes up. When we started telling people we were quitting our jobs to travel the world, however, a lot of people were not so shy. One of the biggest questions we got was how we were paying for this grand adventure. Everyone wanted to know what our secret was. But it’s not a secret! We’re just two Value Travelers rocking the travel rewards credit card game, and you can be too.

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13 Benefits of Slow Travel

A big part of Value Travel for us is taking things slow. Our motto this year is “We’ve got time.” When we were working our traditional jobs, we never felt like we had enough time. By the time we finished doing the things we had to do, we were out of time and energy to do the things we wanted to do. 

We didn’t want to fall into the same pattern during our travels. In the past, the worst part of traveling was returning home more exhausted than when we left. We started exploring ideas for getting the most out of our time and discovered Slow Travel. 

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How We Booked a Flight to Argentina for Less Than You Spend at Starbucks

I recently paid $8.71 for a grande vanilla latte with almond milk and a piece of pumpkin loaf at Starbucks. That’s $3.11 more than I paid for my flight to Argentina. “What?!” Yeah, you read that right! I paid $5.60 to fly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a flight that would have otherwise cost about $1,500. Talk about Value Travel! I know what you’re thinking: “Rik, I hear what you’re saying, but it just can’t be right. Tell me how you did it! I have to know.” Okay, just relax. I’ll feed you, baby bird.

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