About Us

Welcome to Steady As We Roam! We are married Value Travelers experiencing the world for less without sacrificing certain luxuries.

Here’s a little about us:


Hi! I’m Ellie. I’m a writer and editor from Indianapolis, Indiana. Long-term travel has been a dream of mine since I studied abroad in London in fall 2009. When I visit a new place, I love to observe daily life from a comfy chair in a coffee shop, get a little lost, and eat as much as possible (for research purposes, obviously). In my free time, I like to bake, snuggle our cat, Rafiki, and watch old episodes of Friends. Follow me on Instagram @ecrawf3!


Yo! Rik here. I’m a Midwestern kid with big city dreams. I spent the last seven years working in sales/finance, learning everything I could to make my dream of seeing the world a reality. My first taste of international travel came in fall 2009, when I also studied abroad in London (Ellie and I just didn’t know each other yet). I love exploring new places, nerding out over our budget, and watching movies. Follow me on Instagram @ramblingrik!

Travel brought us together.

When we met at a wedding in 2014 (Ellie was a bridesmaid, Riki was a groomsman…it’s a pretty adorable story), travel brought us together. We started talking about London and realized we had studied there at the same time, we took many of the same weekend trips, and we frequented a lot of the same places. Most importantly, we both recognized that our time abroad significantly changed us and that travel would continue to play a major role in our lives moving forward.

By the time we got married in 2018 and turned 30, we felt uninspired by the American Dream and kept coming back to where we began: dreaming about travel. We decided to take the leap to travel long term on our terms. Follow along to learn more about how we’re doing it and how you can apply the lessons we’ve learned to your own dreams.

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